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Card reader: RFIdeas 241 reader doesn't read card

An RFIDeas 241 Ethernet card reader is setup and connected to a SFP (single function printer), and Reader seems to connect to the HCP gateway but no document is released to the printer.

Problem is in the actual USB reader. 

If you install the pcprox config utility from RFIDeas and plug in the reader to a desktop, and then select 'Connect', you can view the exact settings of the reader.rifdeasprox

The problem is under the "Format" tab and that <ENTER>ID:<SPACE> data. 

That info is actually added to the string sent over to HCP.  Above in the green bar, you can see what is actually sent, so the data is not validated as a card swipe.

Next to the text box where the <ENTER>ID:<SPACE> sites, just select CLEAR and then at the very top select Write Active.

Finally, plug the reader back into the 241 controller and go ahead and test again.

Settings to test under the Server tab of the 241 controller SHOULD be:

Data Server URL: https://GatewayIP
Data Server Port: 7303
Data Server Str: /api/v1/card?cd=$1&Mac=$2