Hybrid Cloud platform

Your print infrastructure solution in the cloud or on-premise

EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) is an all-in-one cloud hosted print infrastructure solution designed for organizations that want to unburden themselves from running a complex IT print infrastructure while gaining all the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. No complex setup on the client side and no complex and expensive IT infrastructure is needed to provide the service.

Serverless Printing

A solution where the IT administrative hassle and printing cost can be reduced significantly while providing you with the ability to move the entire print infrastructure to the cloud.

Print infrastructure as a service

Scale your consumption up and down according to business needs and allow you to decide how you want to pay. In either way, we make it possible to support your OPEX and CAPEX needs.

Hosted anywhere

The solution can be delivered as a hosted Software as a Service offering or installed as an on-premise private cloud if you have special safety and security requirements that prohibit you to utilize external service providers.

Reduced complexity

No need to install and maintain multiple print drivers for all your different printers. Send print jobs from any device to any printer in the organization using the same single print driver, Increase the user experience while reducing maintenance and support.

Functionality & Features

Eliminate all print-related servers, and optimize IT print infrastructure and administration, using this cloud-hosted print workflow solution. Enhance the way print is hosted while reducing costs.

Eliminate Print Servers

Flexible license model

One solution, hosted anywhere

Multi-tenant architecture

Reduction in IT administration

Single Print Driver

Administer centrally and manage easily

Reporting capabilities and security compliance

Secure follow me print on any device

User authentication and guest access

Mobile print and BYOD support

Proven high scalable solution

Solution Overview

Solution Benefits

The EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform offers extensive benefits.

Improve business productivity

Only Hybrid Cloud Platform offers a true multi-tenant print platform, which can run on in a cloud of your choice, this being in your own private cloud or at a 3rd part provider.

Hybrid Cloud Platform eliminates print-servers, windows server licenses and the requirement to run clients on workstations, which will significantly decrease your Print infrastructure operating cost.   

Hybrid Cloud Platform offers you a complete choice of device, cloud, and network, streamlined for IT control and simple, secure access for users.

Increase security

Hybrid Cloud Platform help customers proactively protect information, track documents, manage risk, and achieve compliance. Customers rely on us for the security of their Print and document business:

  GDPR compliant
  Secures the print workflow and data
  Simplifies IT management across increasingly complex, hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Cost reduction

The solution is fully scalable to meet business and cost requirements from small businesses to global enterprise customers. Moreover, using a cloud solution reduces your maintenance fees. No more servers, software or update costs. Many of the hidden charges that are typically associated with software implementation, customization, hardware, maintenance, and training, are rolled into one transparent subscription fee. The solution is subscription based; this gives you the flexibility to “pay as you go”, and pay for only the licenses you need.

Ease of use and deployment

Leverage the ease of having only one print driver for all printers, increasing the user experience and reducing IT user and maintenance support.

The solution offers users a true single driver solution making it possible for all users to print to all devices using the same generic print driver. All print settings and configurations are taken care of on the server side and no interaction or manual translation is needed. Less interruption due to downtime and eliminates the need to download multiple print drivers. 

comprehensive and evolving functionality

Follow-me print and scan are available to all office and non-office users. In addition, you receive the full features of mobile print support and guest printing for all users, at all locations.

Independent print infrastructure solution

This solution supports most MFP manufactures and can be utilized in a mixed fleet environment, reducing, or delaying investment in new MFP’s.

Flexible and strong value proposition

In today’s economy, flexibility is key. With the cloud-hosted print infrastructure solution you can scale to meet your organization’s requirements. Utilize highly scalable Linux technology to reduce or even eliminate print servers and dramatically reduce TCO or CAPEX for new investments.

Mobile Printing

The Hybrid Cloud solution includes all the features and benefits from our widely adopted Mobile Printing solution. This enables printing from any mobile device.

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We support almost all the printers no regarding to models or brands
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