EveryonePrint Server Change Log

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
– Bug fixed

4.3.0 [2020-11-02]
DEPRECATED: Deprecated embedded applications in EveryonePrint Mobile. If embedded applications are required, use EveryonePrint HCP.
DEPRECATED: Google Cloud Print. After 31 December 2020, Google Cloud Print will no longer be supported.
+ Added Windows 2019 Server support
+ Added support for Office 365 Modern Authentication Oauth2 for Email Print
* Disabled support for HTML and HTM upload and attachments
* Changed Outgoing Email Settings to not show stored passwords in form
* Changed LDAP authentication configuration to require password when changing LDAP server
* New default keystore with new SSL certificate for new installations
* Update jquery to latest 3.5.1
– Fixed issue with Bad Request response when communicating with Google Cloud Print
– Fixed issue retrieving print queues from EveryonePrint HCP in certain configurations
4.2.9 [2019-11-12]
+ Support Spanish OS for Equitrac integration
* Improve performance of User views in Admin UI for large number of users
* Ability to show/hide the Username display in the end-user Web My Print
Jobs screen
– Enhanced security of Web UI’s to prevent XSS
– Fixed issue with print jobs sent to external document services did not
expire on failed print
– Fixed unexpected PortType error with remote printing configuration if
remote printers were misconfigured
– Fixed issue with print jobs from Google Cloud Print received with
invalid document titles
4.2.8 [2019-08-12]
* Updated Ricoh IPM integration
– Fixed issue with secondary servers failing to obtain licenses from primary Enterprise servers
– Fixed issue with Web Admin single-sign-on between primary and secondary cluster nodes
4.2.7 [2019-04-01]
+ Added ability to do card validation against EveryonePrint HCP
+ Added API call to delete a user
* Enhanced security for admin Web interface
* Updated Konica Minolta release terminal and deployment tool to version 1.5.0
– Fixed issue managing secondary servers in cluster configurations
– Improved error handling of Web URL printing if feature is disabled
4.2.6 [2019-01-02]
– Fixed issue with internal processing tasks not executing after January 1, 2019.

4.2.5 [2018-11-26]
+ Added option for forcing TLS1.2 in Web service
* Enhanced Ricoh IPM embedded integration with print retain, duplex, color/mono selection
* Disabled weak SSL ciphers
– Fixed issue where card swipe in specific configuration would release jobs for user in addition to authenticating
– Enhanced security of Web UI’s to prevent XSS
– Fixed issue for release code email not being sent with direct print jobs

4.2.4 [2018-06-20]
* Enhanced internal encryption and session management to increase Web application security
* Changed guest user creation integration to EveryonePrint HCP for HCP 2.2 compatibility
– Fixed issue where print jobs could not be deleted using Apps when job was stored in EveryonePrint HCP

4.2.3 [2018-05-08]
* Set second generation Exchange Web Services integration as recommended in Admin UI settings
* Enhanced checks and filtering for upload filenames
* Modified Admin UI settings screens to not display saved passwords as asterix
* Enhanced support for Office 365 and inline image printing
* Enhanced email print text size when email contained inline images
* Enhanced UI display of document names to prevent XSS
* Enhanced admin UI screens to prevent against Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
* Enhanced security on session cookies to prevent Cross-Site scripting and force secure cookies if Force SSL is enabled
* Enhanced general Web UI security by implementing x-frame-options and content-security-policy
– Fixed issue printing multiple copies from iOS 11.x
– Fixed issue where Google Cloud Print jobs could leave files behind in internal spool directory
– Fixed issue with PaperCut authentication for PaperCut 17.4 and newer
– Fixed issue where installation on Linux would fail if directory contained a space
– Fixed issue where installation on Linux could overwrite terminal.conf configuration file
– Fixed issue with invalid MDM license errors for certain standalone license types
– Fixed minor UI issue where a checkbox for “Swipe release all”
– Minor translation corrections
– Fixed issue where jobs from MacOS would be marked as failed on Linux servers

4.2.2 [2017-10-31]
+ Added Windows 2016 support
+ Added support for Apple iOS 11
+ Added Office 2016 Professional support
* Updated MDM Apps with latest MDM SDKs; AirWatch, MobileIron, Good and XenMobile
* Modified LDAP email address lookup to search only user object class
* Updated internal version of Curl
* Modified MDM usage validation
* Modified Google Cloud Print retry logic if connections are interrupted
* Expanded address handling for Office 365 for certain configurations
* Removed Windows 2003 support
– Fixed issue with favorite printers in Web portal and Apps
– Fixed Web form injection vulnerability (thanks Thomas!)

4.2.1 [2017-06-13]
+ Ability to hide release link in Email Print tab
+ Allow email addresses for username when creating external guest accounts
+ Ability to allow a partial printer identifier match in subject of email
+ Add LPD server on Linux
+ Added new Equitrac API integration
+ Add LDAP lookup of email for embedded terminals
* Improved automated log cleanup on Linux to include additional relevant files
* Added currently active processing server output to Monitor
* Improved cluster server administration information
* Improve handling of very high volume of jobs on large server clusters (10+ servers)
* Improve processing and throughput capabilities for Advanced Driver Print
* Change secondary server logging to have less debug log output
* Improvements to job log tracking of complex jobs from initial job submission through conversion to printing
* Change release terminal for Xerox to support VersaLink devices
* Improved error message and debug logging
* Allow release all card swipe for direct-authentication
* Additional file system checks on jobs for unreliable or unpredictable storage
* Update Office conversion engine addressing issues converting various PowerPoint and Word files
* Expanded automatic image delete size range in Email Print settings

– Fixed issue where delete job function didn’t work on external job sources
– Fix for certain Equitrac configurations and domainprefix
– Fixed issue getting multipart messages composed with Outlook 2016
– Fixed issue where EWS2 integration to Office 365 did not retrieve HTML content of specific formatted emails
– Fixed issue retrieving multiple printjobs from Google Cloud Print in certain configurations on slow connections
– Fixed issue where all of a users printers were returned in Mobile Apps even if setting was to only show global queue
– Fixed issue where printer groups would not update or sync in Apps

4.2.0 [2016-09-29]
+ Ability to support printing options (number of copies, page range and color/bw) with native Apple iOS AirPrint
+ Added new Android Print plugin printing capability for Android 5+
+ Experimental support for Microsoft Office 365 hosted Exchange and ADFS authentication
+ Added User print activity report
+ Added experimental support of rendering of HTML emails with inline images
+ Added hidden setting for adjusting font size in HTML emails and documents
+ Added support for custom keystore passwords (and keystores) in mobile gateway
+ Enabled card server support on Linux
+ Enabled Advanced Driver Print support on Linux
+ Added ability to use LDAP SSL on custom port
* Ability to modify TTL in Mobile Gateway UI for Wide Area Mobile Print
* Changed to support .scot TLD for email addresses
* Updated mail component for various minor fixes and improvements relating to IMAP and POP integration with Microsoft Office365
* Improved file handling for integrations where PJL header modification is used
– Fixed issue where updating from a version 3.x to 4.x could result in features being disabled
– Fixed issue where updating a Linux install could leave old files behind cause IPP printing error
– Fixed issue where a printer with an “&” in the description would fail on some clients
– Fixed issue where release code not reused as designed for jobs submitted via REST API
– Fixed issue where authentication would fail in certain integrations if the username contained a space

4.1.0 [2016-05-02]
+ Added HP MFP panel display release terminal
+ New MDM AirPrint
+ Support for XenMobile MDM
+ Equitrac guest integration, ability to set email address as ìfull nameî
+ Ability to script creation/edit/deletion of printers and WAMP sub domains
+ Add job submission API calls to REST API
+ Ability to have custom QR/bar codes
+ Ability to show/hide the username line in welcome emails
+ Added Estonian language
+ MDM single-sign-on
+ Add support for single-sign-on with OKI panel display release terminal
* Ability to detect and select Driver Print OS automatically based on user agent
* Make friendly LDAP error messages
* Make excluded cipher suites and protocols configurable in Mobile Gateway defaults.xml
* Increase compression of support log files
– Fixed issue where mail domain filter allowed non-matching domains
– Fixed issue where Mobile Gateway could create many small files in tmp folder
– Fixed issue with certain PostScript drivers where printed output became unreadable
– Added additional checks for SQL injection attempts
– Fixed issue where page counting would fail if the server had limited memory
– Fixed issue where confirmation email was not fully translated

4.0.1 [2015-11-10]
* Added workaround for corrupt JPEG compressed TIFF files
* Change reading of server name on Windows to allow for long computer names
* Allow all characters in printer names when importing printers via API’s
* Improved handling of print jobs with unicode characters in filename
– Fixed issue where services did not get time enough to stop during upgrade on slow servers
– Fixed issue where specific printer drivers could result in failed prints
– Fixed issue where a single server upgrade installation can result in multiple entries in Clustering, causing server to partially lock certain admin features
– Fixed issue where JPG and GIF image sizes were not read correctly when retrieved using POP or IMAP, causing files to be discarded

4.0.0 [2015-09-07]
+ Added support for multi-server deployments for high scalability, load balancing, high-availability and redundancy
+ Added support for failover clustering solutions, such as Microsoft Cluster Service
+ Added EveryonePrint for Linux Enterprise and IBM System z mainframe platform (s390x and POWER supported)
+ Added Windows Phone 8 App
+ Added support for Windows 10 in Driver Print
+ Ability to use advanced output options on Google Cloud Print
+ Automated deletion of created guest user accounts in external print accounting solutions
+ Support for Sharp Job Accounting II solution
+ Added OKI MFP panel display release terminal
+ Added Hungarian and Slovenian languages
+ Automatic deletion of log files older than x days
+ Have a Letter formatted test page if default paper size is Letter
+ Ability to notify users on received and processed email print jobs
+ Ability to have scheduled CSV import of user email addresses
+ Automatic administrator notification of maintenance and trial expiration
+ Ability to search the Monitor for a username, device or similar
+ Support for MobilityGuard SSO and reverse proxy support
+ Support for Form-based-authentication with MS Exchange
+ Ability to specify a custom spool folder path
+ Added easy log and configuration collector for support
+ Added support for authenticated proxy for Microsoft Exchange Web Services
+ Added ability for resellers and partners to co-brand and customize “Help” and “Where to buy” screens
* Ability to remove/hide password string from the welcome email
* New Web visuals
* Improved authentication prompts on iOS when Strict Authentication was enabled
* Improved handling of multi-page and faulty TIFF images
* Support for Pcounter Web API integration
* Added support for JPEG images with CMYK color mode
* Increased Web server security, disabling insecure cipher suites
* Allow .test email addresses
* Changed to use US language flag when choosing US locale, and UK flag when non-US English locale
* Modified KM release terminal to manage the App button naming on device
* Modified KM release terminal to not display default MFP password
* Modified KM release terminal to show friendly error when no devices have been selected for add/remove action
* Modified KM release terminal to disable zooming on newer devices
* Updated Konica Minolta release terminal and deployment tool to version 1.4.0
* Made Email Print Test Settings more efficient
* Show the output printer in “My Print Jobs” page and Admin Monitor
* Expanded debug logging for mail retrieval from POP and IMAP
* Update JRE to 1.7.0_79
* Update internal DB to latest Release
* Expanded system reset to include ability to delete emails and print jobs older than x months
* Display logged-in user name in Web interface when using authentication mode
– Fixed issue where SafeCom guest users were unable to authenticate
– Fixed character encoding issue when extracting zip files containing certain foreign character sets
– Fixed issue where some users could send print jobs to unauthorized printers
– Fixed issue with some scanned PDF files not printing accurately on specific Postscript printer drivers
– Fixed issue where username prepend not working for Advanced Driver Print

3.7.1 [2014-12-13]
+ Ability to delete users from internal Users database
+ Add support for A3 paper size in Google Cloud Print
+ Enabling “Redirect non-ssl to https” option now also redirects admin interface to SSL
* Prevent the ability to add a “blank” devices with no name or output printer
* Now sends an unsupported email response to user when receiving a zip file containing no printable files
* More debug logging for mail retrieval
* Ability to handle PDF files protected with partial security restrictions
* Update internal mail component from 1.4.5 to 1.5.2
* Changed to exclude SMTP passwords from mail.log
– Fixed issue where specific PNG GIF formatted files could produce blank pages
– Fixed issue where specific HTML email bodies from Gmail and Outlook.com could fail to convert correctly
– Choosing Reset to default logo did not always reset to correct logo
– Fix issues if Letter was set as default then txt and image files could fail to convert
– Fixed setting pre/append LDAP configuration and then removing configuration, the prepend value could stick to user
– Fixed problem converting plain text files with special characters with certain file encodings
– Fixed issue where email with special formatted attachment content type failed to parse
– Fixed issue where certain license types could trigger error when adding 999 devices to server

3.7.0 [2014-10-28]
+ New built-in Microsoft Office and OpenOffice conversion engine
+ A public secured API
+ Expand support for customers with many printers (API calls to import all printers)
+ Expanded external print accounting integration with MyQ for guest account creation features for unknown users
+ Ability to prepend/append domain name information to usernames
+ Ability to hide/disable the password field
+ Alternative internal engine for txt, csv and log file conversion
+ Ability to specify an SSO logout URL
+ Ability to selectively delete all users, history, emails and printers
+ Ability to disable MS Office process termination routine
+ Ability to customize the length of time same release code is assigned to same user
+ Image conversion using internal engine
+ Add text description to release code email when show link is disabled
+ API call to release all jobs for release code
* Modify the behavior to automatically discard ATT* files
* Extend the length of email white and blacklist
* Improve error handling in Google Cloud Print when jobs are rejected
* Disabled SSLv3 protocol
* Expand debug logging to better trace source and converted files
– Fixed issue where some PDF files containing special forms could not be printed
– Fixed issue where iOS Authentication could fail if strict mobile authentication was not enabled
– Fixed issue where some LDAP lookups could fail if LDAP over SSL
– Fixed issue where some characters in PDF files would not print on some PS drivers

3.6.0 [2014-06-15]
+ New Wide Area Mobile Print system (unicast DNS-SD) for AirPrint in large complex networks
+ New Strict Mobile Print authentication system to allow for manual or forced logout of iOS AirPrint clients
+ Support for Samsung Business Core Printing Solution
+ New Kyocera embedded release terminal
+ Expanded external print accounting integration with Watchdoc for guest account creation features for unknown users
+ Added Bulgarian language
+ Expanded Dashboard with Job Statistics and Device summaries
+ New 72 hours grace period before server is disabled in case of Server ID change
+ New Administrator Alert system, to email alerts in case of server ID changes or similar
+ New Pro license level for advanced features, such as Wide Area Mobile Print
+ Ability to customize release code, username and password generation formatting
+ New option to hide “Email Print Direct” option when in Privacy with Authentication
+ New customer co-branding system to pre-configure and cobrand mobile iOS and Android Apps
+ Ability to run EveryonePrint installer silent for automated installations
+ New SSL import scripts for simplified import of LDAP or mail server SSL certificates
+ Possibility to restrict Web release and terminal release interfaces with IP access restrictions
+ Ability to use a non-standard Equitrac database name
+ Ability to customize Primary vs Secondary ID/PIN storage with Equitrac
* Email subject set as print job title instead of generic “EmailMessage”
* Expanded license exception logging
* Added additional log debug output for “to” email address information
* Performance and scalability improvements for Google Cloud Print for startup and overall connections with Google infrastructure
* Expanded logging when errors occur in Dashboard (when not enough rights)
* Guest user PIN is set as ID code in SafeCom
* Improved handling of Google Cloud Print configurations when Google ID’s change
* Improved handling of language selection
* Updated J2EE engine to 7,1,1,18525
– Fixed issue where all Google Cloud Printers could appear if no GCP printers were in a users associated device group
– Fixed issue with missing output from PaperCut authentication
– Fixed issue where printer groups were not applied to user, if using SSO/CAS authentication
– Fixed issue with Driver Print failing with certain usernames
– Fixed issue where no print job title from mobile/GCP resulted in unsuccessful submission
– No checking of existing email address when creating user from Web interface
– Fixed issue where AirPrint direct to printer failed if configured in release code mode
– Fixed issue where LDAP over SSL could in some configurations result in socket closed error
– Minor SE, IT and NL language corrections
– Fixed issue where a large Google Cloud Print job could cause delays in processing
– Fixed security issue in internal charting component

3.5.0 [2014-02-24]
+ Samsung XOA Web release terminal client
+ Expanded external print accounting integration with guest account creation features for unknown users (SafeCom, Ubiquitech and PaperCut)
+ Add Welsh and Turkish languages
+ Add proxy support for Exchange EWS
+ Add non-AirPrint printing capability to iOS app
+ Restrict Admin UI to specific IP’s
+ Windows 2012 R2 support
* Improved MS Office Diagnostics tool
* Set secondary PIN with Equitrac integration
* Disable edit of Google Cloud Print credentials when active printers
* Allow foreign characters in PrinterID
* Add language abbreviations to Languages page
* Ability to specify a “domain prefix” when creating Equitrac guest user accounts
* Expanded debug logging for print functions
* Improved handling of unknown filetypes from Android devices
– Various minor fixes and improvements to Exchange EWS and MAPI integration
– Fixed issue with Google Cloud Print only allowing a limited number of printer registrations
– Sanitize Driver Print configuration screens to prevent XSS
– Added additional validation to login forms to prevent XSS
– Fixed issue where mail could fail to be retrieved if “to” was empty
– Fixed issue with unreadable release code input field on Xerox devices

3.4.0 [2013-12-05]
+ Add support for Windows Server 2012
+ Now support for printing via Google Cloud Print
+ Add support for iOS7 in Mobile Print
+ Administration UI now in English, French and German
+ Added Chinese, Koreean, Japanese and Portuguese to end-user UI’s
+ Ability for mobile gateway to announce printers to multiple subnetworks
+ Added support for Microsoft Office 2013
+ Added support for Microsoft Office 64bit versions (2007 SP2, 2010 and 2013)
+ Support Microsoft Office 365 for mail integration
+ New Web rendering engine for Web and HTML printing (1.9.1)
+ Support of txt conversion without Microsoft Office requirement
+ Ability to print CSV and LOG files as txt
+ Support for Microsoft Office 2013
+ Added Microsoft Office Conversion Admin diagnostics tool
+ Expanded external print accounting integration with guest account creation features for unknown users (Pcounter, Equitrac and Streamline NX)
+ Added ability to blacklist domains for Email Print
+ Admin ability to delete jobs from Monitor
+ Ability to remove email release code links
+ Added ability to disable IMAP PLAIN and GSSAPI authentication modes
* Improved handling of incoming email addresses when using Exchange MAPI
* Improved OpenOffice conversion and performance
* Expanded logging for Exchange mail retrieval
* Expanded support for Google Drive “send as attachment” to Email Print
* Update to JRE7u40
* Update database to
* Improved error handling for IMAP emails with missing header information
* Driver Print instructions for Linux will now show ipps instead of ipp when HTTPS/SSL configured
– Fixed issue with KM release terminal layout beyond screen size on some models
– Fixed issue with self-cleaning of files from Android printing
– Fixed issue with excess empty mail body files from iPad when using Exchange
– Fixed issue where a long AD group membership name could prevent login
– Fixed issue where Xerox release terminal could show blank screen on logout on some firmware versions

3.3.0 [2013-06-11]
+ New authentication model for iOS mobile print where no App is required
+ Added native App printing from Android
+ Added support for multiple LDAP servers for authentication
+ Support for Windows 8 in Driver Print
+ Find user from email address with Pcounter authentication and general improvements to LDAP and internal search flow
+ Expanded license error logging
+ Add Top 5 users to Dashboard
+ Ability to modify the AirPrint virtual printer name
+ Added option to disallow open email registration
+ Added option to hide “Simple Driver print”
+ Added possibility to have device groups based on Windows security groups
* Updated Pcounter gateway to 2.0 and Pcounter library to 2013.04.15
* Added check on printer deletion to ensure a printer set as Direct Printer can’t be deleted
* Remove redundant instructions from simple direct print
* Improvements and corrections in translations
* Updated jquery to 1.9.1 and jqueryui to 1.10.1
* Modified internal logging in printing module
* Updated Exchange library to 1.3.9
* Updated PDF print engine to Adobe 10.x
* Updated Pcounter library to 2013.01.14
* Admin Monitor Query performance improvements
* Improved debug logging for Email Print retrieval
– Fixed issue with missing Danish characters in PDF print
– Fixed issue with incorrect display of foreign characters with Exchange MAPI and iOS email print jobs
– Fixed issue with selecting and storing network interface card in Mobile Gateway
– Implemented better exception handling when loading or storing Mobile Gateway jobs to file
– Fixed issue in Mobile Gateway where default values were not picked up in some instances
– Fixed issue in Monitor, if adminprivacy was enabled, history still showed on “more” listings
– Fixed issue with certain foreign Web sites failing to print certain characters
– Fixed issue with email notification for large message failing if using MAPI
– Fixed issue with license expired error message despite valid license
– Fixed issue with conversion of jpeg resulted in Expired with error
– Fixed issue where HTML and images not printed as Letter if Letter is chosen as default

3.2.1 [2013-01-30]
+ Added CAS Jasig single sign on support
+ Ability to force SSLv3 connectivity for IMAPS for email servers not supporting TLS
* Removed page counts from Admin Monitor
* Improved error handling in mobile gateway with jobs in process
– Fixed issue where selecting page range from iOS mobile device caused error
– Fixed issue with handling of running processes
– Fixed issue where job titles from one user session could appear in another users My Print Jobs list
– Fixed issue where certain URL variables would allow for invalid input
– Fixed issue where 11×17 tabloid size would print as A4
– Fixed issue with German characters not printing with URL Web print
– Fixed issue French characters in email body not printed with email from Microsoft Exchange
– Fixed issue setting owner name on jobs when running on Windows XP
– Fixed issue detecting and setting configuration settings in mobile gateway
– Improve file handling for raw Driver Print jobs
– Fixed issue with broadcast of printers in mobile gateway when using multiple network cards

3.2.0 [2012-12-02]
+ Added support for iOS AirPrint
+ Added Kyocera release terminal
+ Added Russian and Finnish languages
+ Added new Printer Email Adddress feature, so separate email addresses can be created for specific printers
+ Added option to hide Simple Direct Driver Print in end-user interface
+ Added option to hide Advanced Driver Print in end-user interface
+ Added option to hide the users print history in the My Print Jobs screen
+ Expanded image printing support to include bmp and jpeg
+ Added option to hide Printer selection in My Print Jobs screen
+ Modified translation system to allow for manual adjustment of text strings in the interfaces (see documentation for details)
+ Added private setting to hide Monitor view in Administration interface
+ Added privacy option to hide user and/or document name information in Administration interface
* Improved handling and repair of defective/corrupt PDF files
* Modified email registration so Email Print Permissions limiting to certain domains also apply for registration
* Improved handling of Advanced Driver print data files
* Updated Konica Minolta deployment component to version 1.0.2
* Improved handling of Web upload with special characters from Mac clients
* Improved support for mail servers not conforming to email RFC standards
* Improved database performance
* Expanded Microsoft Exchange support to allow specification for non-standard mail domain
* Many improvements to failed job handlings
– Fixed issue with Web URL printing of images (PNG, JPG and GIF)
– Removed inclusion of admin password in error logging
– Fixed issue where sending multiple jobs from same email address, did not always return the same release code
– Fixed issue where default duplex/bw settings did not take effect in release interfaces
– Corrections to German translation
– Fixed issue where blank password could be approved in Pcounter authentication
– Fixed issues retrieving emails from Exchange MAPI
– Fixed issue with French accent characters not printing properly with Email Print

3.1.0 [2012-07-08]
+ Added support for native Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) protocol in Email Print
+ Added support for native Microsoft Exchange MAPI protocol in Email Print
+ Added extra internal email address LDAP lookup mechanism for Exchange MAPI for internal company email
+ Added control of default paper size (letter vs A4)
+ Added ability to set default simplex/duplex and color/bw settings for Web, Email and simple Driver print jobs
+ Added support for ZIP compressed files in Web and Email print (upload or email zip files containing Office, PDF files etc)
+ Added option to ignore and not print small images in Email Print, typically logos found in email signatures
* Updated document conversion engine 2012.04.12
* Improved error messages on release pages if invalid edition is selected
* Pcounter guest user account creation, email address now registered to created username
* Improve Invalid License Key error message for device count exceeded
* Updated DB engine to
* Improved performance for job release for advanced printing
* Updated printing engine, addressing various PDF printing issues, including expanded support for large format jobs A0 (1.1.3)
* Updated Pcounter authentication gateway (1.4 2012.4.5)
* Expanded maximum upload job size to 100 MB
– Fixed issue with missing unicode characters in email HTML bodies
– Fixed issue with case sensitive email subject for direct email print
– Fixed issue where LDAP Email field settings were not saved
– Fixed incorrect start menu shortcut
– Fixed issue where mixed charset from email clients could cause incorrect output
– Fixed issue where disabling Advanced printing on queue did not take effect after restart of Web service
– Fixed issue where changing HTTP port didn’t take effect in all Email Print settings
– Expanded large green buttons to accommodate longer translations
– Fixed issue where Driver Print printers containing a comma could not be added to Windows clients
– Fixed issue where uninstaller did not always remove all services

3.0.0 [2011-12-11]
+ Added Czech language
+ Added Sharp embedded release terminal
+ New private print cloud print queues
+ LPD server for workstation printing
+ Improved support for LDAP SSL
+ Ability to limit upload file size of Web upload
+ Create Pcounter Users from Web interface, for guest users etc
+ Direct email print, by suppliying My Printer name in subject, p:printername
+ Option to not send “unsupported attachment” emails
+ Added Single sign on capability
+ Direct manufacturer driver print via Driver Print feature
+ Added card server to support network connected card readers with many associated features (lookup card ID in LDAP etc)
+ Direct Driver Print to specific printer
+ Added CSV import of usernames and email addresses for authenticated email print
+ Now possible to restrict Email Print to only users that exist either in internal user database or in LDAP
+ Added feature to lookup users in LDAP for unknown email address senders in Email Print
+ Now possible to restrict email print to a list of approved domain names only
+ Added feature to show users Pcounter balance in the Web portal My Print Jobs page
+ Added support for GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF image printing
+ Web interface pre-selects language based on browser language settings
+ Improved deployment of KM release terminal
+ Added choose edition feature
+ Support for nested email messages from Android devices
* Modified print engine to only send print job owner information when with accounting edition
* Modified licensing engine to enforce proper licensing for different editions and device count restrictions
* Multiple email print jobs from same sender now gets same release code
* New Adobe based printing engine 1.0.0
* Updated JRE 6u27
* Updated DB engine
* Updated J2EE engine 7,1,1,18427
* Updated Web engine 6.1.26
* Changed Device Add/Edit to use dropdown instead of text input for selecting Windows print queue for output device
* Reduced number of download retries of failed email before deleting failed email
* Ignore ATT*. excess attachments from Exchange served emails
* Mail subject for user registration email now translated
* Updated picture of mobile devices in Mobile Print
* Improved Check for Updates
* Email validation now accepts .demo email addresses
– Fixed issue with long file names containing spaces in email attachments
– Improved HTML Web and Email conversion on Windows 2008
– Removed inclusion of password in error logging on failed login
– Fixed issue on import printers
– Improved license checking
– Fixed rare issue with iOS forwarded emails returning multiple mail bodies
– Fixed upper/lower case email address registration issue
– Fixed issue printing PDF’s with Chinese fonts
– Minor Swedish translation corrections
– Improved support for anonymous Web proxy servers

2.3.2 [2011-06-02]
+ Added friendly error message on Welcome/Dashboard page in Admin, if application Web service has not been configured as local administrator
+ Added better handling of damaged Word documents
+ Added mechanism to catch and skip partial emails from Lotus Notes
* Moved “test page.pdf” to root directory for easier access
* Email validation now accepts .local and .intern email addresses
* Added workaround for Exchange 2003 SP2 servers configured with NTML basic authentication on the IMAP protocol
– Fixed issue introduced in 2.3.1 where print jobs did not have owner name set when printed on Windows 2008 R1

2.3.1 [2011-04-15]
+ Added ability to change LDAP objectclass for user authentication
* Reduced retry count on failed conversion jobs
* Improved Office instance handling for failed conversion
* Moved Email Print authentication settings to Email Print screen in admin
* Changed .txt support to only be available when MS Office is installed
* Improved printing performance under Windows 2008 R2 SP1
* Minor word changes to Swedish translation
– Fixed issue if changing non-HTTP port cases error in Web service log

2.3.0 [2011-01-30]
+ Added support for Pcounter for Netware 6.5 iPrint LPR printing
+ Added Delete function for users to be able to delete jobs from My Print Jobs screen if application is in Privacy mode
+ Added ability to manually add or delete user email address associations in Admin
+ Now possible to adjust document expiration timeout setting from Admin
+ Added option to separately enable/disable the ability for users to print Web URL addresses in user portal Web Print page
+ Added the possibility to optionally disable the printing of email messages themselves, processing only attachments to emails
+ Added option to automatically redirect Web portal users from non-SSL to HTTPS/SSL if SSL has been configured
* Updated wording on Where to Buy page
* Refresh job list button added to print job list in embedded Web release terminals
* Added strong bold notice on Outgoing Sender email configuration page in admin, to make sure users don’t use the Email Print address as sender, to avoid infinite email looping.
* Added validation of print page from and page to in advanced printing screen in both Web and embedded interfaces
* Corrected date line wrapping in Admin Monitor when very long filenames.
* Updated internal IPP server to 0.9/106
– Fixed issue changing logos when filename of previous logo contained spaces.
– Success message when printing in embedded Web release terminals now is green instead of red
– Fixed issue with installer not always updating some components when upgrading existing installation
– Fixed issue when printing to KM PCL drivers, where number of copies and duplex commands were ignored
– Added Microsoft Office 2010 label to Settings page in Admin
– Increased font size in embedded KM Web release terminal
– Fixed issue managing emails when source was a non-standard IMAP inbox
– Corrected minor English characters in some text strings
– Fixed issue converting txt documents on Windows 2008 if Office was not installed
– Fixed issue where duplicate printers could show in My Printers if using LDAP device groups

2.2.1 [2010-12-09]
+ Added support for Microsoft Office 2010 in addition to Office 2007 for Office conversion
* Improved printing of complex layered PDF files with embedded fonts
* Outputting current version in log for easier support troubleshooting
– Fixed issue in Web Print when using login-less Web proxy
– Fixed issue where email was not retrieved from IMAP inbox folder

2.2.0 [2010-11-22]
* Changed default SSL port from 8443 to 9443 to avoid conflicts with common software add-ons
* Enhanced “force bw” printing quality
* Improved API performance caching
* Improved information sent in spool files for monitoring systems
* Changed Polish translations
– Fixed issue with printing Web addresses with content containing double byte characters
– Eased rights requirements on HTML page conversion for unicode Web printing
– Fixed issue where landscape orientation jobs came out blank on some Ricoh and HP PCL drivers
– Fixed missing Polish language icon in “register email” Web section
– Fixed missing charts issue in Dashboard on IE8.
– Fixed issue with certain URL’s containing “:” not being accepted

2.1.1 [2010-10-25]
* Enhanced license key verification
– Fixed issue where favorite printer selections could appear across users
– Remove overlapping timeline chart labels when more than one month data is showing (7,1,0,17603)

2.1.0 [2010-10-20]
+ Added Dashboard with basic statistics to Admin
+ Added language Polish
* Changed Dutch translations
* Improved display performance of Admin Monitor when 100.000 or more print jobs
* Added tracking of which device a job was printed to for statistics purposes
* Changed installer so it doesn’t overwrite Web server and SSL configuration
– Fixed issue with printing Web URL’s in certain configurations
– Fixed issue where printers in My Printers could appear twice if using device groups
– Fixed issue where formats other than A4 were not printing as correct format on some HP PCL drivers

2.0.1 [2010-09-12]
+ Added optional Check for Updates feature, so administrators are notified if a new version is available for download
+ Added languages Spanish, Italian and Norwegian
* Added OpenOffice installation and configuration procedure to documentation
* Performance tuning of Office conversion
* Increased debug output for printing operations
* Increased frequency of spool file cleanup
– Fixed issue with conversion of documents failed if using Web interfaces via SSL exclusively
– Fixed issue with conversion of OpenOffice Calc (ods) and Impress (odp) documents
– Fixed issue where printing in force black/white could get stuck in black/white even if printing color
– Fixed issue with Web Print hanging on certain URL’s (7,1,17572)
– Added failsafe for Web address printing of non-responsive Web servers
– Fixed issue in internal spool cleanup
– Fixed issue saving settings via Admin from remote machine over https
– Fixed issue with releasing print jobs from My Print Jobs if PrinterID contained special characters

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