Modernizing the print infrastructure in the age of cloud

Modernizing the print infrastructure in the age of cloud

“The cloud is revolutionizing how we do business as more and more organizations move their core IT services to the cloud. Yet, the print infrastructure often falls outside of a company’scloud-first strategy. Why? In many cases it’sbecause they believe it’s impossible to securely migrate the printing infrastructure to the cloud or, that their set-up is too complex and entering the age of cloud would negatively impact their employees’ ability to print.

Despite the fact that 80% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategyi, many businesses still continue to design print infrastructures around an outdated on-premise Microsoft print server architecture. Microsoft has made incremental improvements to its server offering, but doesn’t yet offer a viable solution for organizations looking for an enterprise-grade secure solution that will enable them to move their entire print infrastructure to the cloud.

The fact is that the print infrastructure is both cost- and time-intensive to maintain. Therefore, for companies who have already moved basic IT applications and infrastructure to the cloud, the next natural step is to include print in their Software as a Service (SaaS) portfolio.” 

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