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Hybrid Cloud Platform 3.22

Hybrid Cloud Platform 1-Click log & configuration collection

Welcome to the latest HCP updates as we continue to build and improve your cloud print solution every month.

HCP 3.22 is here. Make sure you update to the latest version to get access to all the new features and improvements. In the sections below, we'll introduce you to the main updates that this release offers.

One-Click Log & Configuration

HCP 3.22 comes with a brand new feature - introducing our one-click log and configuration collection.

Diagnosing a problem in one simple click is a powerful help to all people in IT supporting tools remotely. It improves their ability in quickly and accurately recognising and fixing issues.

With the one-click log and configuration collection, the support team can obtain all the required information from the user's PC in just one click. With it, troubleshooting becomes extremely easy.

New MSAL Sign-In Method

Following the Microsoft announcement regarding the discontinuation of support for the Active Directory Authentication Library (ADAL) post-June 2022, HCP 3.22 also brings a new sign-in method with the migration to the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL). This move ensures it is seamless sign-in for users, so they won't need to prepare any updates on their end.

Embedded Client Updates

No matter what MFD brands you are using, we want to make your experience with HCP is as great as possible.

In the 3.22 update, we are:

  •  implementing faster user authentication in Lexmark Embedded
  • Updating the Brother embedded to add new functions in the pull printing menu

HCP Gateway Certificate

Lastly, HCP 3.22 brings an update on our HCP gateway certificate with an improved process to manage certificate expiration dates.

Make sure to update to this latest version to get all the new features and improvements. And to learn more about the release and a complete list of updates, please check the version history in our Partner Zone.