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Hybrid Cloud Platform 3.0

Serverless Printing

The HCP 3.0 PC Client enables customers of all sizes to go completely serverless for their print infrastructure – completely cloud. Customers can now create their own print environment on our multi-tenant platform and replace their existing Windows print infrastructure in 2 minutes – as a result of the new HCP workstation client in 3.0.

This will enable cost savings for each eliminated print server, but also happier systems admins due to the reduced workload and simplification of processes. 
Serverless PC client

Location aware printers: Auto-Discovery

Direct printing users automatically see only the printers relevant to their current physical location.  There’s no IT interaction required, it’s all done automatically by the platform.  This dramatically simplifies new-user on-boarding and users who move between sites don’t have to think about which printer – the profiles update automatically. End-users no longer need to talk to IT to get print up and running – reducing helpdesk calls.

Location aware printers

Supporting Zero-Trust Security

The release contains a number of security enhancements, extending our data encryption to cover both in transit, as well as at rest – providing customers with complete confidence as they transition to the cloud.

The release also enables customers to use their own Security Certificates. This means that customers who implement Zero-Trust policies “never trust, always verify” can control end- point trust, meaning no unauthorized access. This is very relevant for high security customers such as financial institutions, defense contractors and government institutions.


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Previous releases

Eliminating print drivers

HCP has taken the pain out of Print Driver Management by simply eliminating print drivers. This means no more print driver management, instead there will be one single consistent printer installation portal across your entire enterprise.

With the latest enhancements, users can use a weblink to self-service select individual printers, made available by IT.  This is especially helpful where push printing is configured or with customers with many printers. 

Our print driver enables end-users to a pull print queue with advanced print options (Duplex, Staple, Punching, Booklet etc.) selected.  When the user authenticates at their printer, our platform renders the job into print language with selected attributes for specified manufacturer.   

APIs with new possibilities

With HCP you can now prepare, install and configure most of HCP without ever touching a user interface. You can do a FULL customer setup from 0 to 100% in literally minutes, completely automated, prior to deployment. Onboarding new customers has never been easier nor simpler.

Expanded authentication support to include Okta

Okta is a leader in “identity as a service,” specializing in things like enterprise password security and two-factor authentication. Like other cloud systems, its model is designed for customers to integrate new services once they start working with Okta.  HCP now fully supports Okta authentication for users on PC workstations and at MFPs.

Full Featured Single Driver

Added support for Ricoh Streamline NX Share, allowing users to release HCP jobs to Ricoh devices through Streamline NX Share embedded client interface. Also improved integration with Canon and Sharp devices with new embedded clients, and enhanced support for Canon within HCP Universal Print Driver.

Create highly available and extremely scalable HCP configurations with ease

To eliminate a single point of failure, use multiple primary HCP servers, each sharing in the load and seamlessly taking over if one goes down. Scale HCP primary servers horizontally very easily, for even *very* large workloads.

Load balancing and failover for secondary gateways

Configure redundancy and load balancing of secondary gateways by having HCP services run on multiple gateways, by simply checking a box.

Scanning to email has never been easier

We have introduced Scan to My Email to make it possible for HCP users to easily and securely scan documents and send them to their own email address. The process is simple and safe: Users will just need to authenticate themselves at the printer, press scan to their mail, and the documents will then be delivered in the user’s email inbox.

For a full list of changes, view the version history in the Partner Zone.

How to upgrade

Upgrade an existing version of EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) simply by running the new installer on top of your old installation, and it will upgrade as needed. You can upgrade from any previous version directly to latest. All configurations, license keys etc will be retained.

If you run a Primary HCP server, make sure to always upgrade the primary server first, before upgrading any gateways (”secondary servers”).

The EveryonePrint HCP primary cloud servers have already been upgraded.

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