User experience

End-users are typically resistant to change, and particularly precious over ‘their’ IT services [email, phone and print].  HCP dramatically improves organizational agility, with barely perceptible changes to end-users (apart from significant improvements).


Self Service Set-Up
Global Pull Print Queue
Mobile & Guest Printing

User Experience 

HCP enables IT to offer more print services, to more users, at the click of a button.  Whether you enable direct printing, or prefer secure print with badge access you can extend these services across all users, including guests and even print from mobile devices.  Better still never touch an end-user workstation again as provisioning of print devices for users is automatic, whether they’re at their home site, or roaming across your corporate network – they just hit print.

  • Our location aware platform will show your users only those printers that are local to them
  • A truly global pull print queue can be enabled across all devices in your organization
  • Mobile and guest printing comes as standard in the platform

Challenge us to provide your end-users the experience they deserve – without increasing your workload.

Hybrid Cloud Platform: Modernizing print infrastructure

Print Platform

Migrate an existing on-premise print environment to a cloud-based service. Reduce the cost and complexity and remove reliance on print servers


  • Eliminate Print Servers
  • One Solution, Hosted Anywhere
  • Multi-tenant Architecture

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Automated Administration

Entire print infrastructure can be deployed and controlled from a single web-based interface. The single Print Driver simplifies admin


  • Reduction In  IT Administration
  • Single Print Driver
  • Administer Centrally, Manage Easily

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Increase your print infrastructure security and reduce the operational costs associated with maintaining security and compliance


  • Supports Zero Trust
  • End-end Encryption
  • Central Policy Management 

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