Copenhagen, Denmark – August, 2020.

EveryonePrint has announced the launch of the Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) App for HP Workpath-enabled multifunctional printers (MFPs). The HCP App, built specifically for the HP Workpath cloud platform and developer ecosystem, enables resellers to migrate HP customers’ print infrastructure to the cloud in a matter of minutes

Leveraging HP’s new platform based on the Google Android Studio development environment, the new HCP App cuts the cost and time associated with print fleet deployment and ongoing management. Unlike some embedded clients which require an edge device on the customers’ network, HCP for HP Workpath is a completely serverless solution – the only hardware installed on the customers’ premises is the print devices themselves.

Configuring printers, managing updates, and ongoing maintenance is expensive and time consuming for resellers. HCP for HP Workpath enables printer configuration to be managed remotely, removing the requirement for IT resources to attend a customers’ site, while ongoing management, installing updates, and adding new devices, can be handled anytime and from anywhere. With HCP for HP Workpath, resellers simply pre-configure the devices, connect to the customers’ existing IT infrastructure, and from the HP Command Center, select the devices and deploy the application – a process that takes minutes not hours or even days.

This fully cloud-based solution is also secure. The platform does not require a VPN from the cloud to the printers and communication is solely from the printer to the cloud. This means the customers’ network only talks ‘out’ rather than allowing incoming access from the cloud. Print jobs can be stored locally and delivered directly to the printer without leaving the customers’ network, which can be securely stored in the cloud or a combination of both. HCP software also offers customers implementing a Zero Trust network with the highest level of assurance. It provides the strongest security between endpoints including encryption of data at rest and enables end-user organizations to use their own Trusted CA certificates.

By utilizing cloud technology, end-users can reduce the cost and complexity associated with a traditional print environment. HCP is a fully scalable subscription-based solution meaning customers simply pay for the licenses they need, and by eliminating print servers, Windows server licenses, and the requirement to install drivers on workstations, customers will benefit from significantly lower printing costs.

“The HCP App highlights our commitment to providing partners with best-in-class solutions to support their customers’ cloud-first strategies. With this latest development, HP partners can differentiate. HCP for HP Workpath provides a fast, cost-effective, and secure way to deploy and manage their customers’ print infrastructure in the cloud. Moreover, a flexible SaaS-based pricing model that removes the requirement to fund print from CapEx budgets can help partners to secure new business and recurring revenue,” said Adam Bishop, Head of Strategic Marketing, EveryonePrint.

EveryonePrint A/S

EveryonePrint A/S is a leading provider of cloud-based document infrastructure, serving more than 15,000 customers worldwide. A global presence, a unique value proposition and a strong focus on innovative technology and support have ensured that EveryonePrint is a preferred solution provider for customers and resellers across the globe. EveryonePrint was founded in 2004 and is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with subsidiaries in France, UK, and North America.


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