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Get HCP for your multifunction printers

Multifunction hardware manufacturers include embedded systems, like HCP, to provide added flexibility, efficiency, and essential features to their print devices.

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Your MFPs connected to the cloud

For embedded clients, benefits in cost-effectiveness, easy management, and mobile performance only scratch the surface.

.. and with HCP in the mix, your print infrastructure is in a whole new ball game.


What's an embedded application?

An embedded application is software installed permanently inside devices to perform a specific set of functionalities. With the HCP application installed on your MFP, you can leverage high access control, a protected print infrastructure, a consolidated print list, and more.

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What is HCP's role within MFP devices?

Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) is a cloud print software solution that can be embedded in your MFP devices. HCP helps you unify your print infrastructure, get rid of print servers, amp up your security, and make life easy for IT and everyone printing.

Cloud-based print infrastructure

Got a mixed fleet of printers? We don’t play favorites.

HCP offers a true single print driver that includes full finishing options for all your favorite print manufacturers. Don't worry if you've got printers from different brands, HCP can easily centralise your entire fleet of printers, so you can keep a consistent overview from a single pane of glass.


Examples of HCP embedded into your devices

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Get the red carpet tour of HCP

At EveryonePrint, we've built a platform to take your print infrastructure to the cloud, making printing easier and more secure—for the IT heroes managing print and all the people printing.

We can help you accelerate your digital transformation and meet you wherever you are in your cloud journey. As you grow and evolve, we're right there with you with enterprise-level scalability and government-level security. 

Automate IT work

Automate IT work

Automate those tedious print tasks like deploying new printers, provisioning drivers, and updating servers. HCP makes it easy to manage your print infrastructure from a simple web - based UI.

Multi-tenant platform

Multi-tenant platform

Create your own print environment on the HCP multi-tenant platform and replace existing Windows and Mac- based print infrastructures in less than 10 minutes.

Hassle-free printing for users

Hassle-free printing for users

Users (and guests) can easily print from any device, to any location, in a matter of seconds. Users can also send their print to a queue and release jobs from the printer of their choice.


Are you new to the cloud print realm? Let's make some formal introductions

We've built a highly-secure platform to take your print infrastructure to the cloud, making printing easier and secure—for the IT heroes managing print and everyone printing. But what is a cloud print solution even?

Cloud printing solutions are managed print services that allow users to print from any device on the network. A cloud print service connects digital devices like smartphones, laptops, and workstations with printer stations.

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