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Ricoh - SOP: "Cannot get terminal information" or "unknown terminal"

When deploying the Ricoh SOP Embedded Client the installation or configuration fails with the error "Cannot get terminal information for from ". The embedded app is installed on the device however fails "unknown terminal"

During installation or when selecting the configure option on the HCP portal, via the secondary gateway server, a configuration packet is delivered to the Embedded app over UDP 8710. This UDP packet is unable to reach the device which causes the error. The configuration packet is crucial for the Embedded app to locate the secondary gateway server.


Check the following:

1. The Everyoneprint Pull Print App is installed on the device and is started

2. Restart the device and wait for the Embedded app to fully start

3. Ensure DNS is configured and the device is able to ping the gateway

4. Check communication to the device using UDP Port 8710 is open using the below command from the secondary gateway:

The syntax to test UDP port connectivity with nc command is as follows:

# nc -z -v -u [hostname/IP address] [port number]

Example of successful connection:

# nc -z -v -u 123
Connection to 123 port [udp/ntp] succeeded!

If the communication fails, check with the network administrator to ensure firewall rules allow UDP Port 8710.

 5. Ensure the Secondary Gateway Server IP Address/Hostname is defined in <Secondary Server Name>/Settings > Click Edit > Add Server Names and IP Addresses to the list of Server Domains.

6. Ensure the Secondary Server Name or IP address is added to the list of server domains on the Primary Server > Settings >Domains

7. Ensure you have set the required machine administrator privileges.

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