Looking for a clear path to move Konica Minolta print fleets to the cloud?

EveryonePrint has created a customised app for bizhub devices, providing a hassle-free way to achieve a completely serverless print infrastructure, that’s fully managed in the cloud.


Eliminate print servers

Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP), designed for Konica Minolta bizhub devices is a true serverless cloud solution. It enables organisations to eliminate print servers and the associated cost of acquisition and maintenance. The only hardware on premise is the print devices themselves.

Reduce pressure on IT

HCP removes complexity, reduces the pressure on IT and lowers support costs. It’s easy to deploy, configure and control the print infrastructure centrally. Plus, HCP removes the requirement to manually manage upgrades, security updates and troubleshooting.

Improved end-user experience

End-users can securely access print-outs from any enabled device, jobs are only released once a user authenticates at their chosen bizhub MFP. Plus, it’s easy to access multiple functions including print, copy or scan to me and other installed application, directly from the intuitive user interface.

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Print from anywhere

With HCP, end-users can seamlessly and securely access a printer, regardless of network or location.

HCP’s location-aware platform automatically connects end-users working across different branches, offices or departments to the closest print devices available on their network or location, allowing them to print wherever they are.

Future-proof and scalable

HCP is a subscription-based platform with zero up-front costs. It’s also fully flexible, you simply pay for the licences you need and you can scale consumption up or down, to accommodate changing business needs.

Highest possible security compliance

HCP is always on, always up to date and always secure. It supports Zero-Trust network policies, provides full data encryption in transit and at rest, and offers built-in auditing functionality that helps you to proactively protect information, track documents, manage risk and achieve compliance.