For an enterprise business the fear and uncertainty of making a change to their print infrastructure often causes them to make no changes at all.  Their infrastructure often is comprised of hundreds of print servers deployed through the organization. Each server acting as its own micro-site but pieced together to form a complex print infrastructure. With dedicated support staff to maintain the environment and significant costs in investment and maintenance.

When businesses conduct their annual reviews to determine where can they streamline to become more efficient, cut unnecessary costs, and adopt new technologies (such as cloud), the print infrastructure is usually on the top of the list and yet one of the first things to be passed over because of the fear of disrupting this unique and complex monster.

It’s precisely this sort of customer meeting that I enjoy the most, when I can tell the customer that I know of a way to slay this monster – for good!

Though it seems daunting, there is technology that exists today that can accomplish this goal.  The concept of streamlining your print infrastructure, eliminating print servers, and incorporating cloud technologies can be extremely easy, regardless of how unique and complex your environment may be. 

EveryonePrint’s Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) is a cloud technology, that can be hosted within your organization or at your Managed Print Service partner’s.  Regardless of hosting location, HCP brings some core features to your organization; elimination of print servers, central management of your global environment, and data encryption to meet and exceed your high security standards.  These features will deliver amazing results to your business, and make you wonder why you ever thought this was an unrealistic task!

In addition to HCP’s core feature set, you will also gain the benefits of:

Cost savings

A strong ROI, typically achieved in 6-12 months. When you eliminate print servers, you’re saving money on hardware, software licenses, and man-hours spent managing, troubleshooting and supporting the servers.


Automated print queue creation and a single print driver to support any and all printers.  Regardless if you have one print server or a thousand, HCP will handle and automate the trivial management of your print infrastructure. 

Cloud first strategy

HCP is based on a hybrid cloud technology, which gives you total control on how the environment is deployed. The cloud can be set-up in a traditional manner, behind your firewall, it can be set-up at your preferred  providers datacenter, or as a combination.


HCP has integrations to major MFP manufacturers, as well as, a variety of input sources; host printing, ERP systems etc.  Built for the cloud, our API interfaces mean that there are no limits on integrations to your systems of record either, giving you the power to configure your own environment of integrated business critical applications. 


With HCP your print jobs stay behind your firewall, and any communication and transfer of data will be fully encrypted. HCP brings security in document management solutions to a level, not seen before in the business.

Here at EveryonePrint we understand they challenges you may be facing when considering changes to your print infrastructure. We understand that this seems like an impossible task, and one that would cause more harm than good.  But we also understand that the more unique and complex your environment is, the more benefit you will gain by being able to make a change.

Challenge us to show you how your business can benefit from moving your print infrastructure to a technology platform designed for today’s challenges.


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