Running a HP printer fleet?

EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) App for HP Workpath-enabled multifunctional printers, enables organizations to migrate the entire print infrastructure to the cloud in a matter of minutes.


Run your HP printer fleet with HCP

... and take the pain out of print

Completely serverless

HCP for HP Workpath is a true cloud solution. There is no requirement for an edge device to be installed on-premise, it’s completely serverless – the only hardware you need is the print devices themselves.

Take the pain out of print

HCP for HP Workpath takes the pain out of print, automating and streamlining manual time-intensive tasks. It’s easy to deploy, configure and manage the entire printing infrastructure using a web-based interface. 

Managing print the easy way

No need to spend time supporting print servers, troubleshooting and keeping on top of security patches – it’s all taken care of – and ongoing management, installing updates and adding new devices, can be handled anytime and from anywhere.  

HP WorkPath Brochure

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Print your way

Print jobs can be stored locally and delivered directly to the printer without leaving the company network, can be securely stored in the cloud, or a combination of both. Once a user authenticates at any device, HCP seamlessly formats the print job including all finishing options, and quickly sends to the printer.

Security assured

HCP provides industry-leading security. The platform does not require a VPN from the cloud to the printers and communication is solely from the printer to the cloud. HCP provides the strongest security between endpoints including encryption of data at rest, user authentication, auditing functionality and integration with cloud-based authentication provider Okta. It also supports Zero-Trust network policies.

Zero upfront costs

HCP is fully flexible, organizations can scale consumption up and down according to business needs and simply pay for the licences they need.

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