Healthcare and their unique printing needs

As many on the market have, healthcare organizations have adopted a cloud first strategy and moving their EMR applications to a cloud platform just made sense for their business. The challenge was printing. These are the exact types of print challenges, we at EveryonePrint strive to solve. 

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a healthcare organization. They shared with me a little bit about their environment. They had recently implemented a cloud based EMR (electronic medical record) application. As many on the market have, they have adopted a cloud first strategy and moving their EMR applications to a cloud platform just made sense for their business.

The challenge was printing. They have some very specific features they needed:

  1. The right solution needs to align to their cloud first strategy. Defining a complete on-premise print solution would defeat the purpose of their cloud based investment.  Not to mention the investment in on-premise print server hardware was a strong deterrent. 
  2. The print environment needs to integrate with their cloud based EMR. They would not consider a solution that could not support all of their printing needs.
  3. The solution needs to ensure HIPAA (Health insurance protability and accountability act) compliance. The majority of what they print from their EMR contains PHI (protected health information), they needed to guarantee that this information would not be sitting on a printer somewhere in a non-security manner. Any risk in this could equal massive fines for their organization.
  4. The prints needed to be able to ‘follow’ the medical personnel. If a nurse or doctor prints something, they need to be able to retrieve that print at the closest printer. They don’t have the time to be running to a printer far away.
  5. In a constantly changing medical landscape, the solution needed to be agile, and adaptable to future technology changes.
  6. Finally, as most organizations are, especially healthcare organizations, budget was a concern. They needed to ensure that they were investing their budget in the right solution, they could not afford to make a mistake.

It was a big project for them, one I am sure was feeling almost impossible, and I started to realize this is a problem most healthcare organization will face as the EMR’s migrate their applications to the cloud.

These are the exact types of challenges, we at EveryonePrint strive to solve. Our Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) has been designed exactly for this. HCP is a true cloud application that has been built from the ground up for the cloud. This foundation gives us the platform we need, to ensure we can easily adapt to an ever changing cloud landscape and easily conform to future cloud advances.

HCP also has the flexibility to integrate with business-critical applications, such as an EMR, and because of our cloud platform, we can integrate in the cloud. This is a huge differentiation to competitors that want to introduce a cloud component but utilize on-premise servers to capture EMR based printing.

Secure, pull printing is a standard feature with all EveryonePrint applications. When deployed, all prints will be held in a secure manner until released by the caregiver.  Releasing the document can be done at any convenient printer.

By partnering with EveryonePrint and deploying HCP, we are able to further the customers ‘Cloud-first’ strategy, and offer them the piece of mind that they are remaining HIPAA compliant and have limited any potential risk of fines, associated with print. 

As with most cloud applications, we offer HCP in a SaaS model. With flexible licensing to meet any budget, and ensuring the customer only needs to pay for what they use.

This is just one industry example of how the migration to the cloud can be a challenge for business. Many different markets will face similar as their business critical applications move to cloud based platforms. 

Not to mention HIPAA is just one example of compliance. Almost 100% of companies face regulatory compliance in some manner, whether it be through Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), or the newly defined General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR); guaranteeing the security of your prints is a must and EveryonePrint is here to help.

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– Stephanie Kennard, VP US operation at EveryonePrint

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