EveryonePrint releases third-generation Hybrid Cloud Platform

EveryonePrint has announced a new version of its multi-tenant cloud print infrastructure platform. 

EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform (HCP) version 3.0 introduces several new platform enhancements and a raft of other tweaks and improvements, enabling organisations of all sizes to eliminate print-related servers and benefit from the agility and innovation of cloud technology.


Designed for organisations looking to reduce the IT burden and cost-effectively realise all of the benefits of a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to manage their print infrastructure, the third-generation all-in-one hybrid print platform features a number of new performance enhancements that ensure almost near instant print job delivery, security upgrades and an improved user experience.

HCP enables the entire printing infrastructure to be deployed and controlled from a single web-based interface. The upgradeadds new features, improves performance and offers even greater ease-of-use. HCP 3.0 enables partners to create their customers’ own print environment on the HCP multi-tenant platform and replace existing Windows and Mac-based print infrastructure in under ten minutes.

HCP offers a true single print driver making it possible for everyone to print to any device, including complex print job attributes across a multi-vendor fleet. This latest update introduces an improved serverless PC client. Fully compatible with the single print driver, new functionality includes the ability to store print jobs locally until released for print. Once a user authenticates at any device, HCP seamlessly formats the job including all finishing options, and quickly sends to the printer, regardless of brand.

Serverless Printing
Printer Auto-Discovery
Zero-Trust Security

The new release delivers greater agility, control over security and an improved user experience. One of the major new features is the ability to set location aware printers, meaning that users working across different branches, offices or departments can seamlessly and securely access a print device regardless of network or location. This functionality also supports integration with Active Directory and LDAP role-based permissions alongside cloud-based authentication provider Okta.

Recognising that information security is the most critical challenge for organisations today, EveryonePrint’s approach is to ensure the highest possible security compliance, helping customers stop malicious attempts before they can do any damage.The new version HCP software offers customers implementing a Zero Trust network with the highest level of assurance. It provides the strongest security between endpoints including encryption of data at rest, and enables end-user organisations to use their own Trusted CA certificates. Moreover, the SaaS model means customers benefit from an always up to date security model and continuous design improvement.


“The functionality of our Hybrid Cloud Platform continues to advance at a rapid pace,” said Tavs Dalaa, Chief Technology Officer of EveryonePrint. “With this latest version, we are again improving performance and security, while at the same time incorporating many new features to enhance the user experience. This latest upgrade provides our partners with a competitive edge, through the ability to offer their customers the ability tosecurely and seamlessly enter the age of cloud, cut the cost of printing and and lessen the load on IT.”


To learn more about Hybrid Cloud Platform 3.0, click here.