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Securing Users

Cloud is transforming business and disrupting traditional security models. All around you, IT is modernising in every area, but print is lagging behind.

If you’re still wasting time manually dealing with printers, permissions and print servers, you could leverage best-in-class security features in the cloud to eliminate time-intensive tasks, automatically update users and devices, connect your Cloud Identity Provider, and more.

We’ll help you to keep all of your users secure and up to date. With HCP, it’s easy to connect print to your authentication system(s) and ensure that you can control who can access what, based on the roles they perform.

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of companies are concerned that employees might ignore security rules and put data at risk

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Whether you just want simple pull printing, where you require users to authenticate before releasing a print job, or you’re looking for sophisticated solutions that address all scenarios from single sign-on (SSO), to multi-factor authentication (MFA), through to zero trust - we’ll help you reduce the risk that user errors may expose sensitive data, create access points for hackers, or disrupt your systems.

Below you’ll find details of how our platform helps to deliver a secure enterprise print environment, and how we can align print to your overall cloud security strategy.

Cloud identity and
access management (IAM)

 HCP supports a variety of IAM features such as single sign-on and role-based access controls (RBAC). Our technology enables you to manage electronic or digital identities using external authentication providers or HCP’s own user database.
 We grant users access to HCP in line with your preferred authentication method, whether that’s on-premises, in the cloud or a hybrid model. Full integration with your existing authentication provider eliminates additional work keeping users’ database and access rights up to date.

004-search iconAuthentication

Implementing user authentication at the printer prevents documents from being printed when the user isn’t present. This is not only important for information security, but also for reducing the cost of unclaimed print-outs.

chip (1) 1Single sign-on

Implementing user authentication at the printer prevents documents from being printed when the user isn’t present. This is not only important for information security, but also for reducing the cost of unclaimed print-outs.

scan 1Role-based access controls

With the mobile print app, it’s also possible to use QR codes for secure pull printing. Users simply open the app, tap on scan for printer function and scan the code on the device. It also includes the ability to select how many copies of the print job to release, and to set preferences in terms of colour/mono or single/duplex print-outs.

035-smartphoneControlled guest access

An alternative to QR code is to use our mobile phone app. Users can select the printer to release the document to once they are present at the device, so jobs can be released.

008-credit cardZero trust

Secure print release can be enabled with a contactless swipe of an ID card. Once an individual authenticates at the device, the card reader communicates with the cloud server, retrieves a list of print jobs and releases them.

Single sign on
Guest mobile printing

Compatible authentication providers


users’ devices

With HCP, you don’t have to rely on individual users applying system updates; centralised administration ensure that individual workstations are always synchronised with the latest security settings, policies, available printers and queues.

Connecting users devices

Zero trust

If you’re running a zero trust network architecture (ZTNA), you can extend it to include your print infrastructure. Our solution allows you to use your own certificate authority (CA) - and if you need to revoke trust for a user, you’re in full control.

By 2022, 80%

of new digital business applications opened up to ecosystem partners will be accessed through zero trust network access

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Certificate management big

Certificate management

Our application can generate private chain certificates, or you can provide and import your own Trusted CA certificates.

Protecting users’ identity

Protecting users’ identity

All sensitive interactions with the EveryonePrint Hybrid Cloud Platform (e.g. API calls, login, authenticated sessions to the customer's portal, etc.) are encrypted using TLS 1.3 by default.

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Secure users with pull printing

Protect users and data with Secure Pull Printing

Pull Printing is a feature where users' print job is held in a secure queue until a print command is delivered. The feature omits the risk of unattended documents on output trays, makes authentication obligatory and increases privacy policy compliance for print architectures.

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