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Choosing the location of your print services

Hybrid Cloud Platform is a highly portable platform, so you can choose from a full public cloud service, right through to a self-managed private cloud installation. In other words, it can be configured to meet your current business model and can be scaled and shaped to adapt to your future cloud aspirations and growth strategies.

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Cloud-based managed print services have been available in some form or other for some time. However, in many instances keeping local IT infrastructure has been a result of a limitation in the vendor’s solution rather than a necessary customer requirement.

You may need some hybrid functionality to keep some services locally, but what does that really mean? Where are these services running, and are you just swapping a Windows print server for a Linux one?

With EveryonePrint HCP, you’re in the driving seat. Our solution caters for individual customers’ requirements and unless you specifically need to keep some IT infrastructure in place, if there’s issues around IT complexity, bandwidth issues, security policies or HA and failover requirements, for example, we won’t ask you to configure services locally.

Hybrid  flexibility

Running services
on user PCs

If your users and printers are all on the same network, you can run 100% in the cloud
Use client-based authentication for print queue access, whilst keeping documents locally on your users device. When it’s time to release the print jobs, documents are delivered directly to the printer.

Within your environment

If users aren’t on the same network or your network architecture is complex

  • You may want to consider a secondary gateway. Deployed on a VM (or edge hardware device), we can locate the services where you need them.
  • This enables user authentication, holding print jobs prior to release, and finally delivery of jobs to the printers, as well as enabling embedded applications on print devices...
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Any combination within the same customer...

Public cloud service icon

Head office is fully cloud enabled, across one or multiple domains.

On-premise private cloud icon

Regional offices are bandwidth constrained and so connect through a gateway


Field sales offices have no local IT and so are enabled for direct print only, with nothing onsite apart from the printer.

Configure all of the above in a single solution, where users are free to move between the sites, and print just works.