Secure Pull Printing with Hybrid Cloud Platform

Secure pull printing is a crucial component for any platform that helps organizations manage their printing infrastructure and costs. Using a cloud solution for print infrastructure allows customers to deploy secure pull printing to all parts of their organization.
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5 questions you should ask when choosing your cloud print solution

Up until now, there have been a few vendors claiming that they can provide organizations with a true cloud or service based print management solution. Before you set out to select you future cloud print management vendor, there are some questions worth considering before making your choice.
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Being lazy is good for IT professionals

Regardless of the environment, there was always a reason to make the user’s life easier with a 'button press' solution to their daily business needs and routine.Hybrid Cloud Platform revolutionises the way customers manage their printing infrastructure and simplifies daily operations with its central administration from the cloud-based management console. Whether you have a simple...
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”Is my print infrastructure too unique or complex to move to the cloud?”

The concept of streamlining your print infrastructure, eliminating print servers, and incorporating cloud technologies is extremely easy, regardless of how unique and complex your environment may be.
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Evolution of the remote employee

By utilizing a front end, cloud-based interface, users can simply add a printer to their device, be it a Laptop, desktop, mobile phone or tablet, or even a shared workstation and connect right into the office printing infrastructure. By utilizing such a setup, a user could have a printer installed on their laptop and then...
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