Case Story: Taking Print to the Cloud

Print infrastructures in large, decentralized organizations can be both complex, expensive and frustrating. Learn why one of our clients chose EveryonePrint’s Hybrid Cloud Platform to eliminate a far too complex and costly print infrastructure.

Our client is a large European construction company with approximately 12,000 employees plus additional seasonal workers and sub-suppliers. Headquartered in Europe, it has branch offices across the European region, and the company works with numerous temporary project offices at construction sites – meaning they have a significant need for a flexible, mobile and agile solutions.

The combination of company-wide growth, decentralized activities and temporary work stations put an increasing strain on their business applications – including their print solutions – and made it evident that a new solution was much needed.

From on-site servers to cloud print

What put a big strain on the IT support organization was that supporters would often have to go to construction sites to trouble-shoot and maintain print servers on-site. On top of that, each branch office uses on-premise print servers. Overall, it created bottlenecks and the highly complex print infrastructure was very costly, resourceful and time-consuming for the IT organization.

The client's requirements

The company wanted to make a strategic move and free their IT-resources from maintenance and operational optimization to running projects contributing to business growth.

The requirements were obvious:

  1. The flexibility to support multiple and temporary project sites, as well as the changing business needs of the company.
  2. Eliminate the highly complex and costly infrastructure and get a stable solution with minimum requirements to internal support functions.
  3. Accessibility to the companywide print infrastructure from the headquarter, to reduce the need for on-site maintenance and support.

In short, a flexible print solution that could eliminate all the disadvantages of a far too complex print infrastructure while being secure, quick to set up at temporary work sites and easy to operate.

The solution was EveryonePrint’s Hybrid Cloud Platform.

Why the Hybrid Cloud Platform

The company CIO first thought about outsourcing server hardware, but quickly concluded that this would still mean that they would have to do all maintenance and support on the software, so it would not solve their challenges. So, their print solution provider recommended them the Hybrid Cloud Platform solution. HCP will solve their primary pains in relation to the complex print infrastructure, meaning that they will gain:


The company can ensure access to print from all employees’ devices and applications without the current complex infrastructure.  Also, the Hybrid Cloud Platform is a subscription-based solution, meaning they only pay for what they use – and for a growing company with fluctuating demand this kind of scalability was an attractive benefit.


The serverless print environment of the Hybrid Cloud Platform solution allows the company to cut out all on-site servers and benefit from a stable cloud-hosted solution with minimum requirements to internal support functions. The company obviously expects significant savings on IT operations costs.


Since the Hybrid Cloud Platform is managed centrally from a web-based interface, the company will no longer have to rely on maintenance and support at each site.

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