Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

Technology has changed the working practices within organizations and the way in which users need to print. Increasingly users want to use their personal device to work and print, yet personal devices, or even corporate issued devices, are hard to integrate into the corporate printing environment. Many organizations have already solved the BYOD challenge in regards to email, calendar and other work related issues, but most have not yet solved the print challenge.

EveryonePrint solves the issue by integrating any device into your existing print infrastructure and enables BYOD users numerous ways of printing to any printer in the organization. With EveryonePrint your BYOD printing solution becomes easy, convenient and secure both in regards to who is able to print and how they are able to print. Correspondingly it keeps track of who printed what, when and where on any corporate printer.

Moreover, EveryonePrint does not require you to replace or upgrade any existing print infrastructure – just install and configure, and BYOD users can start printing in a secure and easy way.


Guest Printing

Increasingly visitors and guests to an organization will want to utilize their own mobile device, and as a result a widely available printing solution is required. EveryonePrint solves this by providing guest printing from any device – be it laptop, tablet or smartphone – to any printer, without having to download printer drivers or connect to the corporate network. EveryonePrint can personalize a printing solution for your guests according to your company’s needs and policies.

EveryonePrint can solve guest printing by providing a temporary guest account, where a username or password is provided, or deliver an activation code to release the print. Guests can also have the option to print by sending an email with documents attached to a printer’s unique email address, uploading documents to print via a web portal or by using the mobile printing app. EveryonePrint gives your corporate printing environment the flexibility to include guests or visitors in a secure manner.

Enable Mobile Workforce

People and companies are changing in a way that they are no longer tied to a desk or a stationary computer, or even to an office. Mobile printing is one of the biggest enablers for the rapidly growing mobile workforce to have access to all their networks, devices and technologies from their devices. EveryonePrint supports this by untying any restrictions to your computer or printers.

If printing is a part of your business routine, we can help you become flexible, because it doesn’t matter what device or printing solution you have. EveryonePrint helps you to maximize the availability, productivity, and security of your printers, as well as improving overall operational efficiency and accuracy. Moreover, when using EveryonePrint you drive down the cost of doing business and increase your workforce productivity.

Security and Compliance

As technology develops, information needs to be secured more than ever. EveryonePrint and our follow-me print feature, allowing users to print to a shared print queue and release their print job from any enabled output device. This ensures printing remains confidential to the user.

Moreover, EveryonePrint uses encryption in everything that we do, from your user credential to the print job itself. With our software, we can guarantee who has access to sensitive information and help you be compliant with regulations.

Print In Anyway You Like

With EveryonePrint you don’t need to consider what kind of print option you need to choose – we support whatever device you have. in whatever way you want to print.

Web print- Users can upload documents to print via a Web portal, with optional login validation.

Driver print- Users can print from within their programs and applications on workstations or notebooks, with or without a driver installation, directly to the EveryonePrint server, optionally with authentication.

Email print- Users can send documents to print from mobile devices, by sending an email with documents attached, to an email address configured for the purpose. EveryonePrint retrieves emails and processes to the relevant print queues, allowing for secure printing with login validation or privacy release codes.

Mobile print- Users can send documents to print using the native Apple iOS AirPrint capability on iPhones and iPads, Google Android based smartphones and tablets, or Windows Phone devices, with optional authentication or
release code print.

Google Cloud Print- Users can print from their Google Chromebook, phone or tablets, Google Apps such as Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, or using any other application or device that supports Google Cloud Print, to the printers you select in EveryonePrint.

How To Interface To

What sets EveryonePrint apart from the competition is our ability to act independently from whatever printing solution is already in place.

It doesn’t matter what print infrastructure or print manufacturer is used, we bridge from any device, into whatever print management and accounting solution you have. In other words, EveryonePrint can enable your mobile workforce to print, without the need to replace any existing print infrastructure that is in use.

In addition, EveryonePrint can also be configured to work as a simple standalone print management and mobile print solution with follow me and release functionality for most large print manufacturers.