Print with Google Cloud Print


With the addition of Google Cloud Print capabilities, EveryonePrint’s simple platform for seamless cross-enterprise mobile printing is now more powerful than ever before.




The Challenge: Linking Institutional Printing Services to Google Apps

Millions of people use Google’s collaboration-ready apps and devices, and they can easily print to local, directly connected printers (via USB, Ethernet or wireless connections). However, when they get to campus or the office, they find it’s impossible to connect their Google accounts to the authenticated business and school print networks. For the managed organization, it’s not so easy to enable Google Cloud Print on print networks that have various accounting and security layers.



Users Want Flexibility

Your users want to print right from their Google Apps, Chromebook, Android smartphone or tablet, but there’s no easy way to get from Gmail or Google Docs to your secure printing infrastructure. So they frequently email documents to themselves and print from wired machines, or they hack together some other work around. The results are frustration and lots of wasted time.



The Solution: EveryonePrint with Google Cloud Print Capabilities

EveryonePrint 3.4 offers a unique solution to this dilemma. The solution gives users a way to connect directly from their favorite Google device to your secure printing environment. So you can encourage your students or employees to collaborate over Google’s robust document productivity tools or use a Google Chromebook without creating a printing bottleneck.


15-Minute Set-Up

System-wide configuration takes just 15 minutes. Afterward, users can connect their pre-existing Google accounts and print directly from Gmail, Google Drive, and many other applications and Google devices without complicated downloads or further obstacles.




The Benefits: Mobility, Flexibility, and Security

EveryonePrint delivers numerous benefits that make life easier for businesses and schools:

  • Print from virtually any laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone. If you can sign into a Google account on it, you can print from it.
  • Send print jobs from dorm rooms, classrooms, computer labs, cafes, off-campus houses, meeting rooms—and everywhere else.
  • Promote teamwork with Google’s pro-collaboration tools.
  • Free up your help desk with the easy-to-use interface and full-service support.
  • Keep shared printing secure and separate from your core network.


Learn more about the Google Cloud Print here.