5 Simple Ways to Print

Five simple ways to print, Web Print, Driver Print, Email Print, Mobile Print and Google Cloud Print.

(All optional, you can enable only the methods you want to allow users to use)


EveryonePrint supports ANY client computer on any platform that can use a recent Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari, and ANY mobile device that can send an email.


Upload via Web


Users can log on to a Web portal using their normal network login (validation against LDAP for example), and upload documents to print using just their Web browser. No drivers or software to install, just upload documents in popular formats such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, images or PDF’s.


Print via a universal driver



Just one simple setup, and users can print directly from within the programs they use on their own computers, Windows, Mac or Linux. Like printing to a normal printer, only it’s just 1 simple setup and users can print to all printers available in EveryonePrint.


Email print



Let users send documents to print as attachments via email, from anywhere, including from their mobile devices, such as iPhones, netbooks, iPad and similar. Supports full user authentication with login validation via a simple email registration Web interface.


Mobile Print



Users can send documents to print using the native Apple iOS AirPrint capability on iPhones and iPads, Google Android or Windows Phone-based smartphones and tablets, with optional authentication for integration with a print accounting or print management solution.


Google Cloud Print



Let users print right from their Google Apps, Chromebook, Android smartphone or tablet via Google Cloud Print to any printer in EveryonePrint.


EveryonePrint gives users a way to connect directly from their favorite Google device to your secure printing environment. So you can encourage your students or employees to collaborate over Google’s robust document productivity tools or use a Google Chromebook without creating a printing bottleneck.


System-wide configuration takes just 15 minutes. Afterward, users can connect their pre-existing Google accounts and print directly from Gmail, Google Drive, and many other applications and Google devices without complicated downloads or further obstacles.


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